Professional Help Desk

If your current provider has less than 100 years of combined RPMS/EHR support experience, you're probably with the wrong provider.

It's not boasting or exaggeration.

Medsphere's Government Services Division has more experience with RPMS/EHR and is more familiar with Indian Health Service processes, protocols, teams and tools than any other healthcare IT partner.

An original RPMS/EHR system developer, Medsphere GSD has also provided QA and support for IHS hospitals and clinics for more than 12 years

Your EHR system is a national treasure.
Put your trust in an organization that values it as much as you do.


Why choose Medsphere for RPMS/EHR support?

Readiness - Medsphere GSD staff has been fully vetted and is prepared to work with IHS clinics and hospitals at a moment's notice. We know RPMS/EHR inside and out as developers of both the original system and the current IHS platform.

Unparalleled Experience - Medsphere GSD application specialists each have more than 25 years experience with VA VistA and RPMS/EHR. The team includes clinical generalists, nurses, pharmacists, lab techs, and software and interface engineers.

Comprehensive Knowledge - The Medsphere GSD approach to training and preparation is to cross-train with a goal of complete system awareness. By eliminating knowledge silos, we know when changing something here breaks something important over there.

Download Medsphere's Professional Help Desk overview for information about help desk and other support services.

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