Systems and Software Engineering

Medsphere GSD has extensive experience with VistA-based systems and software engineering, but our expertise and familiarity go beyond VistA. Medsphere GSD team members' expertise includes client-specific methodologies, processes and tools, including VA ProPath and the Veteran-focused Integration Process (VIP), a Lean-Agile framework that services the interest of Veterans through the efficient streamlining of activities within the VA enterprise. We use an Agile development methodology to build and deliver software products on a pre-defined project schedule and have collaborated with dozens of technical and clinical teams at client sites to provide complete systems development life cycle (SDLC) support of VistA-based interfaces and applications.

The Scrum (Agile) methodology used by Medsphere GSD emphasizes communication and collaboration, functional software and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities. Our perspective focuses on emerging technology and utilizing new products, where appropriate, to advance capabilities and demonstrate and transition support.

Additional Medsphere GSD expertise includes:

  • Technical software development within relational databases, service oriented architecture(s) and health information exchange protocols
  • Analysis of logical and physical workflows through use case and logical interdisciplinary charts
  • Formal software requirements and design specifications for development work that results in a new application, a new version, or new functionality delivered via patch
  • Development and support of GUI applications that enable a broad range of patient care documentation and data retrieval for the inpatient and outpatient settings

Medsphere GSD's broad software development expertise includes industry standard processes and healthcare-specific software development. Subject matter expertise includes critical health IT mandates like Meaningful Use and defined quality measures. We have blanket experience managing reporting requirements. Through our experience with VA, IHS and on commercial sites, Medsphere GSD has developed a staffing framework and methodology that allows us to rapidly meet contract deliverables while still complying with client-specific processes and employing full Agile development methodologies throughout the project lifecycle.